When you first dive into Chicano Lettering, it seems like a Piece of Cake. Like all you gotta do is snag the right procreate brush or find that perfect pen, and Bam! you're in business...

But then Reality hits when you start laying down those first Strokes. Man, it's a whole different ball Game, right? Super Tough, Kinda Frustrating.
Feels like you're never gonna crack it, and you're Ready to throw in the Towel.

But hey, Been there, Done that, Bro…

That's why I cooked up this Lettering Online Workshop. It's designed to help you level up by sharing all my Techniques and Hacks as if I were right there with you, Crafting Together. I provide simple and easy-to-apply tips to help you progress swiftly on your iPad, paper, or even skin, in crafting your letters and becoming a « Lettering Master ».


= LETTERING STAGES = 18 Vidéos (54min)

Procreate Brushes Included