9 Free Handmade Pro Tattoo Brushes for Procreate app created for Tattoo Artists by Haris Jonson


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 This BrushPack for Procreate app was created by artist Haris Jonson. To create his own original letters, Haris needs most of the time to create his own lettering bushes.

The Tattoo Caligraphy style is very complex to draw on paper but even more so on the iPad. The glass surface of the iPad is very slippery when drawing on it with the Apple Pen. For this reason in addition to a regular practice to progress it is necessary to use adapted brushes and with a good adjustment in therm of pressure.

Haris couldn't find this style of brushes on the market so he created them and he wants to offer you for free this 9 Tattoo Procreate Brushes. Each tattoo Artist or illustrator can use them directly on their iPad or iPad pro with the Procreate application.

After Subscribe You will receive a Link by email to download your 9 Tattoo Procreate Brushes. Don't worry it may take about 15-30 minutes to receive the email.