In this FREE Tattoo BrushPack for Procreate application compatible with iPad and iPad pro you will find 9 brushes specially designed to create your own Tattoos and Artworks.

To create quality tattoo designs as a tattooist or designer we need several quality procreate brushes specially customized for Line-work tattoo style, tattoo Shading, Whip and Dot-work technique. To download your new Tattoo BrushPack you just have to subscribe on in the form below.

9 Free Handmade Pro Tattoo Brushes for Procreate app created for Tattoo Artists by Haris Jonson


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This BrushPack for Procreate app was created by artist Haris Jonson. To create his own original letters, Haris needs most of the time to custom his own lettering brushes.

The Tattoo Caligraphy style is very complex to draw on paper but even more so on the iPad. The glass surface of the iPad is very slippery when drawing on it with the Apple Pen. For this reason in addition to a regular practice to progress it is necessary to use adapted brushes and with a good adjustment in therm of pressure on your apple pencil.

Custom lettering Tattoo created by Haris Jonson with his own Procreate Tattoo brush for iPad and iPad pro

Haris Jonson couldn't find this style of brushes on the market so he created them and he wants to offer you for free this 9 Tattoo Procreate Brushes. Each tattoo Artist or illustrator can use them directly on their iPad or iPad pro with the Procreate application.

To draw these Chicano Letters Tattoo, Haris could not find any suitable Procreate brushes on the market to draw these letters. These lettering brushes did not have the right combination of fluidity and pressure on the iPad. It was impossible for him to create beautiful letters with a true Chicano Tattoo Style.

So Haris had to create his own Lettering Procreate Brushes. This first Brush named "USED" as its name indicates the particularity of this Tattoo Brush is that it gives a wear effect on the shape of the Letter. This effect gives a lot of character and style to the final lettering, it's like more alive. The "USED" Custom Lettering Brush is included in or free Brushpack for Procreate app.

If you have ever tried to draw Chicano Letterings on your iPad or iPad pro, you must have realized that it is very difficult because the glass surface of the apple tablet is slippery and you have very little grip on your Apple pencil. So you need a Procreate Brush that is perfectly set up for this kind of Letters, that is quite fluid on the fine curves and that can keep nice fine points if needed. You will also need many hours of practice to exploit the full potential of this brush.


On this video you will see the creation of A Letter by Haris Jonson with the Custom Procreate Brush that he created. To help you he decided to share it with you for free. You just have to download it after your registration.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of your iPap and your apple pencil for the installation of this pack on Procreate application. Don't hesitate to look at our Installation guide.