Procreate is the Most revolutionary drawing application on the market compatible only with iPad and iPad pro. For several years this application has totally revolutionized the world of tattooing.
To save Time and Space, more and more tattoo artists are exchanging their sketchbooks for an Apple tablet and pencil. For a professional Tattoo artist or Tattoo apprentice the possibilities for creating tattoos and progressing in drawing on Procreate are Endless.

To draw in the application you can use brushes and you can also use stamps to create your original compositions by sketching very quickly. All these digital tools will be stored in your Procreate library, there is so much space that you will be able to store Thousands of Brushes. Once you are comfortable with the Procreate app, you can even create your own brushes with your own preferences.

You can also simulate your client's Tattoo, by taking a picture of the Tattoo location and importing it to your iPad. By creating a new layer you will be able to draw or import the Tattoo Design to have a vision of the final result.

Once the client has validated the design, you can create the Tattoo stencil directly on the application. You just have to create a new layer on top of the design and using a fine black brush, you will just have to draw the outline lines that you want to keep on your stencil. Once your Tattoo stencil is finished, you will be able to define the size, modify it if necessary, and start printing the stencil of the Tattoo.

If you want to test some of our brushes for Procreate application. Don't hesitate to download our Free Procreate BrushPack.